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Bathroom cleaning service

Deep Cleaning Bathroom

No one likes to clean a toilet; wiping out the sink, the toilet bowl and rim, the mirror, shower door/curtain, the grouting etc.  It's not a job everyone volunteers for, yet it's a job that necessary is vital to good health. 
It the truth be known, health inspectors tell us that a bathroom needs a good deep cleaning each and every week in order to maintain good health for the whole family.

We clean everything in your bathroom to prevent germs.  Bathroom tiles and grouting are are especially prone to bacteria.   We clean and disinfected them to ensure a completely clean and sanitary experience.  We also clean in the places most people don't even look.  For example we clean  the entire toilet bowl not just what can be seen.  We guarantee that your bedroom will be spotless and germ free and   at an affordable low price. We offer other cleaning services in addition to bedroom and normal residential cleaning.  Click here for a price quote on your cleaning job and we'll get back with you usually within 24-36 hours or sooner.  At Adrian's Cleaning we pride ourselves on superior customer service.  We treat your cleaning job as if we were cleaning our own home.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Service Overview
 Sinks, toilet bowls, tub and/or showers /td>   Windex mirrors, glass and chrome objects
& Sweep/vacuum, scrub and clean floors  Custom cleaning requests/td>

Adriana Cleaning offers the lowest price bathroom cleaning services for residential or commercial spaces-consistently, and on time-every time.

Also it bears repeating that our cleaning staff is bonded as well as insured for your protection.  There is no job too large or too small for us. Schedule  a cleaning with us today.

Call 415-240-9520 or click for a no-obligation quote.

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